Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Part Deux

Today all the kids are coming home to do Thanksgiving here at the house. Everyone will be here , plus the two little boys!

We're having ribs and chicken wings, both slow roasted over 8 hours. They're amazing when they finally get done! Plus a baby greens salad with feta, cranberries, and walnuts, baked beans, home made rolls, and a fresh fruit salad. We'll munch on fresh veggies and a cheese plate while we're waiting.

One of my favorite appetizers is toasted baguette slices spread with roasted garlic and topped with goat cheese and dried cherries. I can wait for those! The girls are looking forward to their brie, and the guys love just plain cream cheese with home made chili sauce and crackers or wheat thins. We're covered.

Dessert is sugar free lemon meringue , sugar free peach pie, vanilla bean ice cream, and also a pineapple upside down cake, loaded with sugar!

I rearranged the furniture for the holidays in anticipation of more bodies in the house and also trees beginning to go up on Monday. Thor put up the lights yesterday, and we are both getting excited!

So that's the post for today. Happy shopping, if you're still out there after yesterday! Whew! See ya tamale!

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Flutterby said...

Oh YUM!! We love the bread, roasted garlic and baked goat cheese too, only instead of cherries I make a tapenade of Kalamata olives. My kids would eat that 3 meals a day if I let them.

Red said...

My mouth is watering! Have a wonderful time :-)

s'mee said...

Flutterby and Red, Thanks! We had a pretty good time! Flutterby, my sis makes the best tapanade, so I can see how you would love it! I guess I need to get her recipe! Red, we missed you. The house was crazy all day long. Glad to hear your day went well too. and I will get your blog on the roll soon!

Tracy said...

wow, what a yummy spread. It's sound like you had a wonderful holiday.
you've been tagged.

s'mee said...

Thanks Tracy! We did have a great day and thanks for the meme! I'll tackle that soon!