Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Miracle Worker!

Hey! How cool am I? (this is where you all say "reeeaal cool!")

Did you notice? I changed the blog up a bit; and this time I did it without Chronicler sitting beside me, in her best Annie Sullivan, holding my hand as she pressed my fingers to the keyboard repeating her words of instruction as if she were working with Helen Keller. Well, a really stupid Helen Keller. Yup, she just took me over to the well and gave me a link and after banging on the table and screaming for my mommie a few times, I actually got it back up and running! Whoot Hooo!

W A T E R !

I totally got it! Thanks Annie!

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1 comment:

chronicler said...

It looks good!!!!!! Yay, I knew you'd grab that stone eventually. Go grasshopper go!