Saturday, November 10, 2007


I just got up, it's about 5:30-ish. I am still at sis's house and I can hear the Big Guy snoring so I assume sis is still asleep...although frankly, HOW? That Big Guy can SNORE folks, whew! lol

Still not convinced that I have anything to offer the craft fair buying public, I am not giving up! Yesterday I had a few nibbles on an outdoor tree, lawn ornament if you will, but even that, no one actually purchased. Oh well. They look dang cool and if no one buys them my yard is going to be AWESOME come December 1!

I think the situation is that when folks see the tree they think "That's really pretty, but I can make it myself." which they could. But it's a drag and it costs more than it looks. So in the long run, I am staying firm on the price and if they sell they sell, if not oh well.

I'll let you know if anything changes this afternoon...stand by!

Afternoon Update: Well, we sat there for two days and I finally said "Uncle". Even though they were in a store, in a strip mall, there was zero foot traffic. Yesterday we had about ten or so buying customers and today there were about eight walk through-s and two buyers. Ugh.

The best thing was spending a couple of days with my sis and yacking it up while waiting for shoppers. lol

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Adán said...

I know what you mean.

chronicler said...

heh. too funny. there are advantages to losing your hearing!