Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another short post.

Just went to a church conference this morning and it was pretty great. We presented a power point to the all the women. Thor went to our regular ward and came home with an assignment. I will be putting up the Christmas tree again this year. A few years back I got the assignment and we had a budget for the tree and ornaments.

The tree looked fabulous and was a great addition to the foyer through the season. However over the years a few others wanted the opportunity to dress the tree and who am I to say not to that! However, because I was not involved I didn't have control of where the tree and decorations were store or how. Last year the tree was in shambles and no ornaments were to be had. This is extremely disappointing as they both should have lasted for at least ten more years.

I don't think the church has the funds available this year to repurchase everything they need, so Thor and I decided we should just offer up one of our trees and the decorations to go with. It just seems like the easiest solution this late in the game. We have a toy drive dinner at the end of the week, so this week I will be gathering what I need to get the hall looking Christmas-y.

Each year our congregation collect new toys for the children and families who may need them locally. Ages and names are available also if there is a specific need so that other items may also be purchased. The Bishop collects all the items at the end of the night, distributes what he can to the locals and any left overs are then delivered to Deseret Industries to be given freely to others who may need them.

So that's the report for today! I am off to bed. Yesterday I was exposed to a heavy smoker and ever since I have had a migraine...ick and yeeeowch! So me and some frozen peas have a date!

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Rynell said...

I am sure your tree will turn out lovely. It's a bit of a downer when folks don't take care of stuff. Sounds like you're taking it all in stride!

s'mee said...

Rynell, We share the building with 3 wards and 2 stakes worth of seminary students, so there is a lot of confusion with storage and "whatever". I am trying to be patient, but I am human also, so there are moments...

That said, can you tell I wrote that last post with a migraine? lol holy moly there are a tons of typos!

Thanks again Rynell, I think I will blog the whole process, because NaBloPoMo I am in need of post subjects! hah! Lucky readers!