Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yes it's that time of year again when S'mee gets busy gearing up for Christmas. But it's not even Thanksgiving yet you say? Well here's the deal:

Every year we have a church dinner, potluck this year, where all the congregates gather together and are "required" to set up the tables and decorations, and then pay to eat potluck food they brought in an effort to glean toys for anyone in our area who may need them.

Thor and I have been asked to provide a tree with decorations. We have plenty of trees, but because this is a tree for inside the church it needed to be "better" than my normal theme trees.
Today I am in the process of turning $20.00 worth of Dollar Tree fixins in to an elegant tree worthy of the event and the foyer! Stay tuned! More photos to come. In the meantime I am going back to my golden little orbs. A whole garbage bag of them!

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Rynell said...

I heart all things Christmas! This post put me in a jolly good mood just thinking about putting up my Christmas tress after Thanksgiving.

ERIN said...

pretty picture. i love christmas. make sure you post a picture of your finished tree!

Kim Carney said...

we want a picture! (am still trying to get my mind around cleaning my house for tday gathering) my MIL is coming for xmas and the rest of the family, so I will have to start planning on where to put the tree, etc ... but want to get though the next week first ;)

s'mee said...

THANKS Ladies! Whew! What a day! I will post photos as soon as I get done with all my chores for today! Wish me luck!

lisa's chaos said...

Those are beautiful!!

s'mee said...

Thanks Lisa! More on Tuesday!