Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog Roll Update!

Hey everyone, I have added two new blogs to the ol' blog-roll and would be so happy it you all gave them some bloggety love. Both are newbies to this world and need lots of encouragement.

Go ahead and click on:

Unadventurous Adventures- fruit of my looms, my #1 kid, my hero...you get the idea. His blog! If he never ventures further than his childhood his blog would be a good read. If he takes you into his adult life it should be a fantastic daily read. This guy has live a LOT in his almost 30 years and he has the stories (and scars, although not as many as #4, who frankly beats pretty much everyone in the "accident" department) to prove it!
The Middle Hip Sister exactly what it sounds like, the middle sis, my big sis, the talented one, the one with the good hair, the pretty one, yeah, her. She's hip, she's trendy, and now she's bloggin'!

add to sk*rt

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