Saturday, December 01, 2007

I have been trying to post everyday for about three months now, however if there was a day that was incredibly busy or most weekends, I didn't worry. Then came NaBloPoMo and I committed!

Well today is December 1st and that means no more pressure! I made it through, grabbed a badge and took a deep cleansing breath!

The Dublin City Girl, has committed to doing some guerrilla art all month long. December is a tad busy for me to commit to that, but I like the idea, so perhaps in January?

BooMama is gearing up and inviting all to her bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes 2007 which I always enjoy walking through. I always think I am going to participate and then something happens and I don't....maybe, maybe.

What I am participating in is the Holiday Traditions Exchange made possible by the lovely folks at Montessori by Hand. So there will be a few posts on that soon. Everything needs to be in the mail by the 10th. I am very excited!!!

So that's it for today. I am off to scale tree tops and offer up all the glitterati I can today!

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