Thursday, December 06, 2007

naked trees

A few lights in the plants and one sad litle tree on the desk top waiting for some sort of theme.
On either side of the a moire there are two trees, one with coloured lights, the other with white.
A small forest to frame one of the Nativities. ...still pondering exactly what ornaments would compliment this scene.
Another Nativity, this time flanked on both sides with one small multi-coloured tree and another 7 foot tree, which has dead lights...grrr. So first assignment is fixing those lights! Then deciding what to put on both those trees!

There are a few more trees surrounding the train and one on the buffet sideboard; that one, a white feather tree, is already finished with pastel gold, creme, and olive balls. Thank goodness one is done! Hah! Two down, 12 to go!

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Rynell said...

So lovely. It's like a magical Christmasy land in your home!

ERIN said...

wow! you really go all out. it is beautiful.

Red said...

Just in case you were wondering what red was thinking.... I think this is so beautiful!

maren said...

Oh my. Your house must be a magical place. Love it.


s'mee said...

Thanks everyone! I put up the trees and then got the flu! grrrr. But hey, you are all so nice! Thanks for all the comments and I will be up and about soon to decorate them all. hugs.