Sunday, December 02, 2007

O.k. I get it. Christmas is really a pagan holiday transformed into a Christian celebration as a way to soothed those who converted and missed the good ol' winter solstice festivities. Add Santa to the mix a zillion years later and bah humbug, you got yourself a commercialized birthday party for corporate American and otherwise.

Today, again, I heard the dismal complaints of "We just got over Thanksgiving!" (as if giving thanks is something one should get over) and "When I was a kid we put up the tree on Christmas Eve!" And to that I say "Bah! Humbug!" I am a reformed Scrooge, the guy who says to Christmas, "Bring it on!"

I love Christmas. I do. I do! What is the matter with celebrating? Why can't I have a tree (or 24) up to sparkle and shine? "All the trees distort the true meaning of Christmas!" What's wrong with making lists and stuffing stockings, and sugar cookies, and sneaking around trying to make someone happier than they were the day before?

"Santa is Satan spelled by a dyslexic!" "When you lie to your children once they will never believe you again!" C'mon, really? So you never read faery tales or hide quarters under a toothless child? You've never 'fudged' or out and out lied to your kid? How 'bout that time they made you three scorched dry eggs, a stack of pancakes, watery juice and five pieces of warm bread for Mother's Day breakfast?

In our house we pray in the name of Jesus Christ at least 5 times a day. There are 3 hours of church every Sunday that teach the life and words of Christ. We have illustrations from artists' who have devoted their lives trying to capture what a Saviour would look like, in every room of our home, save the bathroom. We set goals for our lives so that someday we can stand in His presence. Jesus is more than just a once a year holiday.

Jesus Christ was born during the spring actually, during the time of taxes. But does that mean we can't celebrate His birth in December? How about celebrating His life daily? Because He is such a part of our life daily, our children and now our grandchildren, know He is real. We talk about Santa and elves for a few weeks... and the kids eventually figure it all out. Who is real, who is not. What they can feel, and what is just excitement.

In my book I think making a huge hoopla about Christmas is to be embraced, encouraged! I love that we get all excited. Yeah gifts are cool, and looking at the lights is a beautiful experience. All the gingerbread boys in the world will never diminish the real reason the truth about the Saviour's birth if we live for Him daily, they add to it.

So for me, the house will look absolutely ridiculous for about three to five weeks, we will sing carols and hymns loudly, we will eat ourselves silly and drink as much peppermint chocolate as humanly possible, and read and re-read the Christmas story, um make that the historical account of our Lord's birth, and relish in the time of year set aside for peace on Earth and pure joy.

Raise a glass of warm cider, say a prayer of thanks in your heart, and praise the Lord for His gifts to each of us. And don't be ashamed to have a good celebration.

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chronicler said...

did somwone pick on your enthusiam? I am glad you are so into it. Some of us could use the help!

s'mee said...

someone call the waaaahmbulance! yeah. man people can be real party poopers!

Red said...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Your tree looks wonderful as usual! I think one of the best part is sing carols and reading the Christmas Story.

s'mee said...

Hey Red, did you get your tree up yet?