Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mixed baby greens with Gorgonzola, candied walnuts, craisins, and raspberry balsamic dressing.
So these are the only two photos I can post and still keep fairly anonymous, but you'll get the idea. All in all the food was great, very tasty, well appreciated; and the evening enjoyed by those who came. Unfortunately it was considered a flop.

We sent (as in snail mail) out 400 (yes- four hundred) invitations, one to every adult single in the area. We expected about 110 to come based on last year's attendance. Then we got a bad weather forecast and it came true: Wind, COLD, and rain on and off all day long. We ended up with around 40 guests. Unfortunately out of those 40 we only had 12 (TWELVE!) single adults actually attend. All others were in leadership or entertainers. UGH! The weather is a definite factor, however, we have had worse in the past and still had better turn out.

This is so disappointing. We think much of the problem has to do with communication and offering rides to the event. Too many of these adults are elderly who do not like going out by themselves at night, driving after dark or being in the uncomfortable weather. All of these things have been addressed in the past, however this year the unit leadership dropped the ball and left the singles feeling without options. In the past, leadership made assignments that insured the singles had a driver, had someone to visit and eat with, and someone to who would badger them into going and having a good time or else! Not so this year and it showed.

I am so disappointed. I know of several ladies who I missed there tonight. No one likes being alone, and tonight they stayed home because someone didn't insist they come. Grrrr.

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Dublin City Girl said...

I can imagine your disappointment! The food looks yummie and the decorations look great as well. What a bummer not more people were there to enjoy it. I hope 'management' will do things differently (read: better) next year...

chronicler said...

I am sorry all your efforts were disappointed by weather and lack of forethought on the part of others. It looks very nice in the hall, and that salad! mmmm.

s'mee said...

Thanks Dublin, and you too Chronicler, we have a meeting with the head honcho soon, so hopefully our voices and opinions will be heard and things will improve next year.