Friday, December 14, 2007

Curious George!

For the last two days I have been in the jungle! And at the lake. And building New York. My son and his wife are getting ready for baby number one, a boy, and they wanted his room to be decorated as a Curious George book. Each wall will be a different adventure. This top photo shows the almost complete (still need to add finishing touches to the tops of those palm trees) corner that takes George from the lake to the jungle. (if you look closely enough you can see the chalk outlines for fish in the lake)
Paint cans abound! However this shows how cute the jungle is going to be when we finish the tree tops! Oh and we're going to add some flowers in there too. Mommy loves her orchids, so we're going to have some growing in the jungle.
The jungle corner wraps around into Central Park and down into New York City! Lots and lots of high rise buildings! The Brooklyn Bridge, The Chrysler Building or is it Met Life?, Empire State Building, and of course a toy store, book store, and others!
Miss Liberty is out there in the harbour, George will be flying with the Man with the Yellow Hat in a helicopter, and the city wraps around to the third wall. On that wall (no photo yet) will be more tall buildings and a Fire House with "real" fake brick! George will be balancing on his blue and red ball as he goes down the street.

The 4th wall is where poor George falls into the lake, fascinated by the fish in the water. A small yellow pier and a few dragon flies will complete the total cartoon look. We took the cartoon drawings from the many stories and tried to put them on the wall as closely as possible, telling a few of his more famous adventures.

Tomorrow we head out to the OC to move the RDH back home for two weeks - I'm excited to have her home again for a bit- (she's in between apartments over the holidays), and then tamale night we have a schmancy business dinner. Always busy, but always fun!

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Red said...

WOW! you are so talented this is amazing! If you guys need help with anything tomorrow, give me a ring.


s'mee said...

Thanks Red! Hey, how'd the potatoes turn out?

Dublin City Girl said...

What a fabulous room this baby boy is going to have! You've very gifted s'mee!

s'mee said...

Ah DCG! Thanks, but it's like I used to tell my clients, pretty much anyone who wants to can do this stuff. Neither one of the kids felt confident enough to do this alone. But after a while, we just dove in and there you go! They did the majority of painting and will more than likely finish the work before I get an opportunity to go back down to their house. Thanks for the compliment, but really- you could do this too!

The Pea said...

WOWZERS> Joe says it's amazing!! Really I cannot say enough about it! I love it so much!!!

Let me stop gushing now xoxo

maren said...

That is so fun. Too neat.

s'mee said...

Thanks Pea! Thanks Maren! Seriously, ya'al can do this too!