Monday, October 03, 2005

the next phase...Carlton's log

Eiffel Tower
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I love Paris in, well, France would be great, but our next stop and conference is across Las Vegas Boulevard at the Paris Hotel - Las Vegas.

This is the poor man's version of "Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown". Come, cross zee pond - um zee boulevard, vis S'mee as vee vaux Jacques Cousteau and gets al Fraunch!

Yeah, O.k. so I have a lousy French accent, what do you want for your trip to Vegas? It's been a weekend, let me tell you! Saturday we watched conference and after the last session went to a wedding. It was particularly sad because it was two of my seminary students doing the whole "till death do you part" commitments. I can say I am not surprised, not much example on either side of their families, but it was so sad to hear those words. And as long as I am on this wedding, what struck me most deeply was the lack of blessings for the new couple being civilly married as opposed to the ones we receive in the temple.

After conference on Sunday we again went to a wedding. This time for one of Thor's associates at work. The bride had been married before and had two or three little ones and the groom, I think this was his first. It was in a beautiful setting with all the expected t.v. type wedding things. Flower girls and ring bearer, a couple of brides maids and the goofy best man with an even goofier toast. They had a garden reception and dinner with dancing.

This reception had something for everyone. Drinks for the drinkers, food for the eaters, and for the kids? Well, they had their own little bar and food selections, and to keep them occupied colouring books and crayons. I thought that was a great idea and it did what it was intended to do.

Still sad though, even if they aren't members...maybe someday.

Thor and I got on the road late, and by the time we hit state line we had seen enough crazy drivers for any trip. One particular driver had his/her own personal police escort and another had several police escorts, in CA this is known as the slow speed chase and I am wondering if it got the coverage these things normally do. There was plenty of "escorts" following the small sports car with the headlights out.

Half way between Jean and Vegas we crawled along at about 5 mph for about five miles. The big deal was someone receiving a ticket on the right. Can I tell you this is one of S'mee's pet peeves. Hello folks, the cop is too busy with the guy at the side of the road to stop and give you a ticket as well. grrrr.

We checked in and got to the room about 12:30. Nice room, large bathroom, steam shower a plus, and a teen-einsie view of the temple....WHAHOO!

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chronicler said...

Ahhhh! the drive from SoCal to Vegas. Nothing more dreary than that road to a motorer! And you have to drive back home still! Ugh.

Oh well, can't complain, at least it's a get away of sorts. Nothing like your Nov trip though!