Thursday, October 13, 2005

oh sweet mercy

oh sweet mercy
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I admit to being 47 years old and feeling somehow like, "dang it, it's time to be a grown-up and have some real sheets." When I saw these 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton Cal King sheets for $69.00 I just about did a back flip. Now visualize it with me (I'll give you a minute to see me in all my gravitorially gifted wonderfullness actually getting high off the concrete floor whilst whooping with delight). OH SWEET MERCY! S'mee is definitely putting these down on her wish list! They come in CalKing, King, Queen and full; white, sage, butter, wheat, and a nice foggy blue. mmm mm mmm mmm mmmmmmm! Come to momma!

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Now a dream come true for all you crafters and those connoisseurs of fine ribbon... Feast your eyes on these babies. 50 yards of one, one and a half, and even two inch wide wire edged ribbon for $7.99! I can recommend these ribbons as I have purchased them for years! They come out in the fall and spring and trust me when I say they are gorgeous and fabulous to work with. I was at a popular nation wide craft store where I saw identical ribbon in spools of five yards for $7.99 -$12.99 depending on the width. This is crazy good. My niece buys them and easily removes the wire edging so that she can use them for other items that do not require a stiff, stay put edge. Smart cookie, that one! I also like to suggest that you think ahead to future weddings, or other gifts that you may need to wrapduring the coming year. There are plenty of generic ribbons that will do nicely on top of Dad's birthday gift.

$1.00 a pair
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For those of you who utilize craft scissors with fancy edges, these are the "new" models for the season. 20 "long and wide" scissors in each set (thinking there are two sets to choose from making a total of 40 different edges). The set of 20 comes packaged in a turning carry-all made of wood. All for about $1.00 per scissor at $19.99 for the set with carrier. Not bad. Know any scrapbookers out there? Here's a cheap way to get their expensive scissors for them.

Christmas Dinner
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Last but not least are Christmas Dinner Ware. This service for four comes with dinner plate, luncheon plate, a (very cool) soup/salad flat bowl and cup with saucer. Four different designs as well. A Santa in sleigh, polar bear with cubs, reindeer, and snow man. All the designs are definitely categorized under "cute". $44.99 NO! I GOOFED! The box service for four is $39.99 for the set.

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chronicler said...

Do the plates come in the assortment or do you have to pick on pattern?

s'mee said...

The box is the assortment, so one plate, bowl, luncheon, cup and saucer in each of the four patterns to mix and match at the table.

AND THIS UPDATE!!! I totally got the price wrong they are really only $39.00! for the boxed set service for four!!! WAHOO!

Anonymous said...

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