Friday, October 14, 2005

to heck with safety! FUN is BACK!

tinker toys!
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Ah, remember the good ol' days when you were a kid and got a big box of Tinkertoys from Santa? Yippi! Those days are back with a vengeance baby! Who cares if little Madison chokes on one of the small parts, she'll learn the hard way not to put toys in her mouth just like we did! The bucket-o-fun comes with like a gazillion tiny pieces of pure unadulterated JOY to assemble the good times! The "Classic Construction Set" comes in at $29.00, a bargain if you ask S'mee. (just remember to pick those little boogers up after you're done playing. Nothing hurts worse then when mommy and daddy step on one of those #@&*%%$#* little things in the middle of the night! On second thought, just buy a bag of legos, no, um jacks, egads forget that, um... ah heck, those kids weren't that good this year anyway.)

lincoln logs!
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Here we go, a nice safe alternative and oldtimey favorite named after our 16th President: Lincoln Logs! Mmmdoggy these were cool! How many hours will little Aidan build the house of his dream with these? I am sure that the GameCube will be totally ignored in favor of this environmentally friendly General Store! Turn off the D.D.R. and grab a log kids! The entire store is just like mom and dad remember; and the trip down memory lane will only set them back $21.99!

Now if they would only bring back Vac-U-Form and the Creepy Crawler Machine!

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chronicler said...

Oh man! I am heading to buy these! There is nothing better, well - maybe once they find out they can put tinker toys in a pencil sharpener!

The best toy ever: Vacu-form. Nothin gbetter than giving your child a blast furnace to play with in his room!

s'mee said...

Hey, check out the links! There are some of these actually still out there!

chronicler said...

Hey - check this page!

s'mee said...

I think we found that mystery sibling! Is there a toy on that page we didn't have?
Nothing says, "don't tell mom!" like a wood burning set!

chronicler said...

It was the best! You couldn't get it to burn anything it was supposed to but it did a great job on furniture!

On this new code thing for comments, all I can say it I am glad I don't suffer from dyslexia!

Lisa M. said...

I haven't been gone THAT long. GOODNESS, what a wealth of pictures and fun thoughts. I think what a glorious shopping trip you must have had!

17-24 trees? YIPES. What a woman you are, full of colour too, I bet~!

Thank you for the shopping trip! It was fun tagging along with you!

Oh and YIPES for the pebbles in the spa stuff. Ye gads!

(comment varification word: iyzne Humm Izine. A chemical compound found in the axle/wheel joints of shopping carts?


s'mee said...

lol! very good Lisa!

Thor loves the trees, however the kids are about 50/50 on them by now....but oh well! I still put them up and I will be posting them as I do that, so look forward to those beginning around thanksgiving.

side note: when I say 17 -24 trees that means all sizes from tiny to large so like maybe 7 large and the rest table top or smaller