Friday, October 14, 2005

less hassle gingerbread house

less hassle gingerbread house
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O.k. I am related closely to a Foodist and this is somewhat of a blasphemy, but, for those of us who do not make our own crackers from scratch and need help in the kitchen from time to time: Viola! The premade Gingerbread House ready for assemblage! For a mere $12.99 you get the walls and roof and enough royal icing to glue the whole shebang together, plus "over one pound of candies" to decorate it with! It also comes with a gingerbread boy and girl, and a gingerbread tree for the front yard of your new home. Perfect for a last minute Family Night Project or if you have teenage to early 20 young people in your house, a great last minute date night for two under $13.00.

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chronicler said...

What is it about making a gingerbread house that you don't remember? 40 a year for what three years?!!? I will never ever make another one of those sugar high friday nemesis.! Hey but for all the rest of you out there knock yourselves out. Just don't ask me to tell the story about when we need to raise money for camp.

s'mee said...

For anyone out there:

Chronicler and I grew up in a house where in the fall it was "Let's make Gingerbread Houses...till we die" and every spring it was the same creed only with "Sugar Panorama Easter Eggs!" Oh HOLY HANNAH! Most folks remember the Silmar Earthquake as an event that shook SoCAL. For our house it was "EVERYONE GRAB THE EGGS!"

Oh the insanity!

chronicler said...

No one would believe it if we put it in book form!