Friday, October 14, 2005

Tis the season...

ornamental goards
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It seems as though one can not properly decorate for the Autumn Holidays without investing in (as Thor would say) a croaker sack full of these little darlings: The Ornamental Gourds. Yup, although the name makes one reminisce about a sixties rock band, they add a quirky touch to any piano top or mantle.

These come in a nice little bag (Thor would approve), at least 16 they promise, for $4.99. I noticed at the grocery store they were being sold for .99 a piece. (doing the math in my head, this would save S'mee about $10.00, right?)

small pumpkins
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Along side any proper Martha Stewart Autumnal Display would have to be the ever popular tiny pumpkin! Also on sale at the grocery for $1.00 per pumpkin, I found these bagged in red mesh and selling for $5.79 -with a quote of "at least 15 per bag". Again quite a savings if you can use all 15. Hey they're small. And if you can't find a place for one more tiny pumpkin, you're just not trying hard enough!

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chronicler said...

I bought mine at full retail grocery! Arrrgh! Now I want those too!