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Here we are in beautiful downtown Vegas! Isn't it pretty? Isn't it wonderful? Isn't just amazing how they can replicate just about anything? Isn't glitzy and glamorous? Talk about a tribute to man's imagination and engineering skills!

Take most of the world's ideas of luxury, success and achievement and doll it all up into one terrific street of decadence and indulgence! Sin city just keeps getting better and better!

Las Vegas Temple, LDS
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Here we are on the beautiful grounds of the temple. It is beuatiful. It is wonderful. It is amazing how God can teach us how to become more like Him. It is glorious! It is a tribute to God and all He has created in this universe.

Take all of ideas of wealth and success and know that God has promised all He has to us if we will be obedient to His plan of happiness. Our joy will be complete for the eternities.

The Angel Moroni
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Just by looking at the photographs, one can see the real beauty. The rich pure colours of the temple grounds as opposed to the gray and brown "luxury" hotels of man.

what a view
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The contrast is clear. The photo of this city view was the one from our "Paris" hotel window on the 25th floor. A very nice room with a spectacular view. In the center of the picture, at the point where the flat land meets the mountains is where the temple sits. From our hotel room we could see it and make it out. The spires of the temple were clear and discernible. To see them in this photo you must focus in and enlarge the photo at the specific place in the distance. It's hard to see, and in fact when you enlarge the photo the spires are still too blurry for a clear understanding of what you are looking at unless you already know.

It's a good analogy I think. This life all the glizt and facades are right here in our face, up close and tempting with gold leafed good times and promises of riches. The truth however is that most who indulge are left with less; and the facades promise nothing that isn't destroyed easily, usually within ten years to build another louder and shinier version of the same old "promise".

If we want things that endure, that guarantee true happiness and value we need to focus -hard- on the things that may seem far off and blurry. Beyond the gold and past the promises of man. The things that only the temple of the Lord can truly promise us. He cannot lie.

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Lisa M. said...

Thank you for the compairison and for the pictures!

VERY nice!

chronicler said...

Nice contrast. Even the sky is bluer on that end of the valley.

Nice pics.

s'mee said...

thanks to you both!