Monday, October 24, 2005

no small feat for small feet!

san diego 10-05 035
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This is Paul Bunyun's Canyon! If you look closely- you can see two adult hikers, dressed in white, about half way down and two thirds across on the photo. Imagine 10 kids aged 4-12 hiking this canyon, crossing the highway, hiking back up to the busier highway, crossing it and surviving to do it every day for three months!

I took this photo from the car window, just prior to us getting to the intersection where there is now a signal. The intersection is the entrance to the zoo parking lot and carousel. The bright green area at the top left, under the high trees is a grass field at Morley Field. I checked with Chronicler who concurs that back in the day, the trails were not there, but probably close to the route we made. Too much fun, but I can't even think about letting my kids do that these days! Yeowzers!

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chronicler said...

Well, the highway was just a road back then... still it was a heck of a hike! No wonder I slept so well as a child!

Anonymous said...

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