Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mac Daddy gettin' all shizzle on the blogizzle

Hey, has anyone but me noticed that the squiggly words they give you in the comments thingy are very similar to real words? Perhaps it is the lean I have towards the dislexic, but this morning, for instance, one of the letter combinations looked almost like "chizzle"; which isn't really a word unless you are a coolio rap guy. The other day I had one that looked like it was trying to spell out "jo-monkey". Or the one that was "pasta".

Granted they never really spell anything, it's just like they are in code for those of us who have nothing better to do then try and figure out if the computer program has a sence of humour.

So for now, as they say in the comments verification: "Meshack" has to go. I need to make some "jello" or my dessert tonight won't be "le-git"!

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