Monday, October 17, 2005

poster girl

poster girl
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I was having an e-mail conversation with a new friend that got me to thinkin’…

Growing up relatively on the move and this side of poverty we had plenty of opportunity for growth, and in many ways, some of the best "teachers". As a result, my siblings and I have all been labeled as “musical, resourceful, clever, creative, artful, good with crafts, articulate, humurous, intuitive, and inventive” and to which I would add “fearless” when it comes to trying something new.

Brother was terrific at turning a phrase, engaging you in conversation, making you cry with laughter, writing poetry and music, and quite the storyteller. He could mimic many voices and do an impromptu sketch while driving through for fast food. A talented actor, singer, public speaker, and a whiz at history; he had plenty of talents and a few gifts that put him in the top bracket.

Chronicler has a gift for seeing visions… and bringing those visions to fruition with success! She has a mind that never stops and hands that race along throughout the day. She has managed to be both critical thinker and a passionista when it comes to whatever new venture she is addressing. She can find the moneymaker in anyone and help you get started. A woman of unlimited resources and boundless energy! Oh, and she can sing, was known as “tiny dancer” at one time, and speaks several languages.

The next in the pecking order came the sister who just had gifts oozing from her fingertips. Music, art, craft and creativity are hers like breath is for most of us. Her eyes see things that are not there…yet. She has a way of knowing what is on the horizon for trends and what will always be a classic. Never satisfied to let things “just happen” around her, she wants to be involved and always adds those tiny little details that make her the “elegant” friend, innovator, inspiration.

As for S’mee, I am the baby of the family and hence, stole everything I could from them all! People have overly complimented me for my creativity, humour, friend loyality, and mom skills. (Those who truly know Thor have sent a nod at patience my way as well.) It’s true that I have good skills and certain attributes that set me above the norm in some areas, but gifts? There is a difference in talent, learned behaviours, adaptability, and (cue: angelic choir) God Given Gifts! I am the poster girl for the old adage: “Jack of all trades, master of none!” (not everyone can say they are a poster girl…) I have a gift up my sleeve somewhere, but let's move on!

In the scriptures we can find many passages that define and describe Spiritual gifts; and the Lord promises us that all have been given Spiritual Gifts. "For all have not every gift goven unto them; for there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God." D&C 46:11 The remainder of this chapter lists some of God's gifts, explainations on how we are to use our gifts (to bless others and glorify God), and remind us to give thanks continually.

The gifts I related above for my siblings and myself are not the ones listed in the scriptures, but none the less, have indeed blessed the lives of others, and at times, glorified God. I also believe that "all good gifts come from God"; and that those gifts are necessary in life as well. I hesitate to point out the Spiritual Gifts I have seen in them because of the sacred nature, however I can acknowledge they are present.

Our talents are gifts from God. Sometimes I feel that God has placed a greater share on, let's say my un-named sister; who just sat down to a piano one day and played a concerto on it. While she has true talent and works to keep it honed, there is that something extra there. That gift. S'mee, after 6 months of lessons, was still working hard on "Indian War Dance", and losing the battle. But I do play a bit today in a pinch... a gift from God when I need it to be. Some of those talents begin as God placed interests, and through our determination and practice become gifts. The ability to speak in public, to add or take away that one thing that defines a display, or the ability to not think ill thoughts while the car has stalled in the middle of the intersection with 5 kids in 110 heat. (still working on that one.)

What is it that you are gifted in? Do you debate like Clarence Darrow, show benevolence like Mother Teresa, or dance like Fred Astaire? Are you like S’mee, good at many things after years of developing things that interested you? Tell us about the God given gifts you have received and the talents that you have worked hard for. Is it difficult for you to know which is which, and does it really matter?

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