Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It will never happen to S'mee....

Almost twenty some years ago I was driving down a city street to deliver my sis in law back to her home with her kids. My minivan was packed to the gills with all of my kids, her kids and it had been a long day. As I drove, I saw ahead of me in the sky a small plane. It was dipping and tilting and I pointed it out to my sis in law just in time to see it completely lose control and dive into the local fair grounds' largest building, exploding on impact and killing the two passengers. Luckily, the building had just been emptied and no one was inside.

This has left a huge imprint on S'mee's little brain. Planes aren't all that fun if they get into trouble.

S'mee's sis in law (yes, another one) left from Vegas this afternoon with her little girl for CA. Her hubby needs to stay and she needed to get home so a short 45 minute hop seemed logical. She left and was expected to arrive sometime around 3:00. Her hubby called me about 7:30 to tell me that she didn't land on time. In fact she had been delayed due to "wing flap failure". Her plane had to circle the airport until fuel was spent so that it could land without benefit of wing flaps, making the landing "very fast". Sis in law reports that all is well, but after seeing the fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles and personnel waiting for them, it was less than fun for their first flight.

This is my nightmare. I can only imagine what goes through one's head when faced with circling for two plus hours...and what do you say to your little girl?

Holy COW! Tonight's prayers will be a tad longer!

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chronicler said...

Well, you know what we say, "any landing you can walk away from is a good one". The very act of gettin gin your car and driving down the street (especially you) is far more dangerous than getting on any plane.

Yeah, yeah, we all have our fears. And I am glad Sis in law is fine!