Friday, October 14, 2005


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I am LOVING these! These are seriously the prettiest bulbs out there for S'mee! Every year S'mee puts up between 17 & 24 trees around the house. Big ones, little one, all with their own special themes! These would just go on the tree named "Pretty!" Pretty amazing! 26 of the brightest, most vivid, absolutely stand out of the ordinary glass ornaments for only $14.99. (too bad I don't have a black tree, look how they contrast with the box! wow!)

classic updates
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Now with the same colour scheme,but with a more classic shape come these wonderments! (cue Angels singing) These are beautiful glass with hue on hue flocking. Terrific. Now all I need to do is win the lotto so I can buy many many packages of them. At $16.99 and 9 per box, S'mee will need at least a dozen boxes for one gorgeous tree!

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chronicler said...

I can hear Thor now. Another? Nah, that's not what she said....

But they're so pretty!

s'mee said...

What he doesn't know won't him (or S'mee) : >