Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Carlton's log, Elvis leaves the building...

I got up this morning and went out for a couple of errands. The idea was to grab the sis in law and head out for all kinds of visits. This didn't happen. So a change of plans and I went across the drive way to the Aladdin and got a hot chocolate and sketched a bit while I waited for Hilo Hattie's to open up. I bought a pair of rubber sandals last week, but grabbed the wrong size, so I needed to exchange them. After the exchange I thought, "hmmm, there's a Sur La Table right there!" so of course I had to go in and drool.

While I was in there a really nice future chef (Yo hommie G!) "G" showed me all kinds of tempting goodies (Hey Chronicler, have you seen their new porcelain line?). I have to say this guy was like Satan, just about the time I resisted this way cool baking dish he turned my head with cute little personal butter bells! After that there were amazing "Martha" coloured dinnerware that was displayed along side sea urchin candle tea lights (that S'mee has resisted for just about long enough). The colour combination is just about enough to entice S'mee into a whole house colour redo. (did I mention we finished painting the house a year ago?) YIKES! Thanks G, I am a dead woman.

Luckily for S'mee, purchasing was halted with a text message and I needed to leave the store sooner than I thought. grrr.

I met with Thor for lunch and then headed out to drop off artwork for my niece. A nice visit there and then off to a book store, bridal boutique (FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, just looking to kill the cat as it were), and a poke into a paper goods store. I need to tell you, between the dishes and the paper, S'mee showed incredible sales resistance today! (I need chocolate)

Thor's business equal from another region invited us over to dinner with "his guys" so we jumped at the opportunity to eat well. We went to P.F. Chang (again, how sad) and had a terrific meal. (because we are in Paris, we had "Fraunch dressing, Fraunch bread, Fraunch fries, and to drink...Peru!")

The walk home was short, but nice. We saw the last two poofs of the water dance at the Bellagio. Interesting side note: Way back in the day, our little family was less than "in the money". So to add to the income we all would sit around at night and assemble small (tiny) pistons with a very tiny rubber ring. We were paid by the piece and so we assembled thousands of them! At the time we knew the pistons would be going into a huge water fountain in Vegas, a Hotel that was going to choreograph the fountain to music. It seems Thor, the kids and I helped, in a small way, to build what is now the huge water dance that stops traffic and is one of the few beautiful things in Las Vegas. If you are ever at the Sultan of Brunei's palace, we did work there also. : >

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chronicler said...

Your sales resistance must be attributed to the fact that the day began correctly! Hot chocolate saved you!