Saturday, October 15, 2005

This bud's for you!

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S'mee the flowers. Look S'mee, look!

Every time I go shopping the last stop is the flower display. I can't help but indulge in a bunch (or three)! I used to feel bad about not having a husband who's natural inclination was to please me by showing up twice a month with a fresh bouquet, "just because". That wasn't fair then, and it isn't fair to him now. If S'mee wants flowers why can't S'mee get them herself? So now that's exactly what I do. It doesn't bother Thor and it thrills me, so were both happier now that I don't blame him for neglect.

The advantage here is that the flowers in the photos can be had for an amazing price. $14.99 for 24 roses with some form of floral fluff wrapped and ready to go. I take care to gently pinch the buds to feel they are firm, thus lasting well into 10 -14 days. I cut the stems under water at an angle and then pop them into a vase with the packet of floral food that comes in each bunch, and half 2-up with half water. I change the water every other day or so and make new cuts as needed. S'mee is a happy girl.

growers bunch
Originally uploaded by S'mee.

Along with the roses come even more choices in the "Growers Bunch" bouquets. For $8.99 you get a large (enough for two vases of average size, or one whammajamma vase) bundle of flowers (also with the extra little floral stuff, eucalyuptus, baby's breath, etc.). These come in varieties of daisies, mums, status, hydrangea, tulips, sunflowers, etc. depending on the time of year. GORGEOUS! For the same price one can pick up a dozen +1 (13) individual stems of orchids in there own individual little water vials. These orchids can be arranged, given out as individual stems or even used for making a lei. When is the last time you saw a fresh Hawaiian lei for $8.99? More exotic flowers can be had in large bunches for $14.99.

The point here is that if fresh flowers are your thing, go get some.

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Lisa M. said...

OH S'mee.

They are lovely! I should induldge, and maybe I will tomorrow! I need a pick me up


airgfu *air gulf* ?

s'mee said...

lol the whole wiggly letters are killing me!

You have my permission to spoil yourself silly! Go get something really unusual and crazy... pick up one of those tiny little cards and write yourself a note. Sign it with a famous name. Keep it somewhere close by so that the kids find it and then you can act all coy about it and keep them wondering about their dear ol' ma. "Oh her? Didn't I tell you she was in my math class back in Vegas? Heck yeah, we go waaaay back."

chronicler said...

There is nothing better than a bunch of fresh flowers to add beauty. I am not a decorating diva by any means, so flowers alsways add that special touch without going crazy trying to make something look perfect!

Lisa M. said...

*Laughing* I will do such a thing tomorrow, I promise.

Thank you for your light, hope and love. You're exquisite.

Love, Lis!~

(emslfisu) em selfish for you. *grin*

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