Monday, October 31, 2005

trunk or treat

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I had to write about the trunk or treat that our grandson went to last Friday night. Way Fun! Lots of "kid" food, and spooky drinks complete with foggy foamy goodness. Many games to test spooky skills, cake walk, and door to door trick or treating in the halls.

The costumes were very good this year. The main theme for the under 8 girls was "Faeries". Green ones, pink ones, blue, white, sparkly winged little faeries everywhere you looked. I kept a close watch on my teeth. Little boys were super heroes for the most part. One family came as a herd of cows...pretty funny actually. Most "unusual" costume went to the gentleman who came dressed in a pair of khaki pants and blue short sleeved t-shirt. Why? His wife explained he was a "nudist on his day off". 'Nuff said, danged clever if you ask me. I found this little bull rider hilarious! Turns out Ellen Degeneres had on a similar costume this afternoon.

Tamale I will post on Buzz Lightyear, who was my personal favorite... wonder why?

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