Friday, October 14, 2005

"oy" to the world!

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O.k. on what planet would you ever need this soup tureen? If they were giving one of these away free with any purchase, I think I would still need to pass. It cracks me up to just look at the thing.

White platters
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(per Chronicler's suggestion: PLEASE, please do not buy this thinking you can take your low cal dish in it to the December Weight Watcher's Christmas Potluck!)

These on the other hand, S'mee thinks are quite lovely! And at $19.79 for the two of them, a good bargain as well. The larger of the two is big enough to handle a larger turkey and the smaller would compliment roasted veggies or perhaps a terrific Christmas Goose. YUM!

White serving dishes
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For an additional $19.00 you can purchase the THREE matching serving dishes for all sorts of side dishes. White with molded leaf design they will match pretty much any theme and show off the food also. Very nice.

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