Friday, September 30, 2005

faery tales can come true

When #3 was in fourth grade her teacher gave the class an assignment: "What I want to be when I grow up." A paper that would research careers, the need for those professions, the method of becoming the profession- i.e college, apprentice, artisan, etc., and a back up plan for a second career with the above justifications as well.

#3 wrote her essay. Choice one: Prima Ballerina. She researched several dance studios and found out they all had the same opinion: "Art Saves Lives!" A campaign that was just beginning during that time, also the same time when fine arts were being dismissed from school curriculum in favor of other more "serious" subjects, like computers. The need? Culture and the fine arts are necessary to any successful nation. She would take classes until she was old enough to audition for a national company and then as she grew out of her prime she could either teach or choreograph. (by the age of eight she had auditioned and was in a professional company, hand picked by the Canadian Royal Ballet's Choreographer.)

Second choice, the backup: Good Faery. Her research had been from birth. When a baby is born a good faery goes to the baby and kisses him or her. This is a special blessing that makes the baby sweet and nice and good all their life. The need? Well this was pretty obvious. There were plenty of mean people in the world and so there must not be enough good faeries to kiss all the babies in time. She felt confident that she could learn to fly and kissing babies would not only be fun, healthy exercise, and cool, but a good overall thing to help the world out. A noble and selfless calling as it were. She searched and searched but she couldn't find a college for faeries, but she knew she would some day.

As she grew older she came to understand that becoming a good faery might not work out for her. She began to look into other careers. There was a brief stint in fashion design and art school. Then after much study, fasting and prayer she decided on becoming a Dental Hygienist. Her search for colleges began. Believe it or not she actually found a school that nicknamed them selves "Tooth Faery Tech" She knew it was a done deal. She could be both a D.H. and at last a Good Faery!

She served a mission, worked and saved and as of today she is on her way to becoming what she has been destined to do. She came home happy and content, lugging a huge hard rolling cabinet of tools and instruments, and an equally heavy rolling luggage pack full of books. She informed us she has already pulled her neck getting them in and out of the car, but she is very happy. So are we. After she graduates she plans on working in an office. But she also plans on designing a uniform complete with gossamer wings, so that she can work with little ones and help them smile prettier.

I am very thankful to whatever Good Faery kissed her. She turned out pretty good and now she wants to return the favour.

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chronicler said...

I am soooo glad to hear everything worked out! Tell her I am very proud of her!

Lisa M. said...

That is VERY cools S'mee !

I love that you are so proud of her. I am sure that means a lot.

s'mee said...