Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This is Halloween!

The early morning chill that lingers into the afternoon is hinting that autumn is definitely on its way. The air conditioner hasn't been turned on for a week; and I am actually using more than just a sheet to sleep with at night. It's my favorite time of year. I get filled with the anticipation that all the holidays bring and Halloween is the big opener. Every year I try to add to the collection of decorations that invite little people to beg for candy.

Unfortunately, the times, they are a changin' and little people with responsible parents no longer go from house to house in search of decay inducing fun, but stick to the school carnivals and church "trunk and treat" festivals. This saddens me to a point, but I still hope and so the thrill of design spurs me on.

The last few years (meaning like 10) only the crack moms in their mid 30's, toothless, but carrying a 3 month old soundly sleeping baby, loudly proclaiming there desires for a fun sized milky way seem to grace our Halloweened halls. Oh, and the 24 year old gang bangers that scare the bujeebies outta me as they demand they fair share and then kick my carefully carved pumpkins out into the street. But I digress. I still love halloween.

Not the creepy guts and gore, eyeball and intestine stuff, more along the lines of creepy silly "Nightmare Before Christmas" (N.B.C.) type of stuff. So I steal ideas and design as best I can within certain budget restraints. This usually includes the obligatory (read: good excuse to go there) trip to the Haunted Mansion to get pumped and also new ideas.

This year I will be blogging the progress. It will begin with a trip to the shed out back to inventory previously made decor and the condition its in. Then the goals will be set. Some of which are:

New additions to the tombstones.

A wreath with eyes and teeth similar to the one in the story and N.B.C. mansion.

Gates with that "New Orleans" look to frame the theme set.

A back drop with themed characters.

Luminaries with characters from the theme.

For inspriration and to get me kick started, scary cupcakes. So stayed tuned and wish me some luck.

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