Thursday, September 22, 2005


I just spent about three hours trying to redo this blog. Thanks to Chronicler who has helped me with MUCH of it!!! But then I wanted to update the side bar. Make some additions and delete some others. Then the whole shebang decided to freeze on me and I lost all the changes. So until tamale you get to view the old stuff. I would continue to work, but it's 3:00 and I am still in my bathrobe! I need to get off of this thing and gear up for my class tonight.


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chronicler said...

Oh man, I thought I stayed in jammies too long! I am trying to re-gain some self discipline and "pretend" everyday I have to get up and go to work. Vacation's over!

Lisa M. said...


It looks nice. I like the colours. I love the diamond bullets.

Very nice.

I bet jamma's are a LOT more comfy.

s'mee said...


s'mee said...

That it publishes? ugh!

Thanks sis for helping out so much yesterday! Obviously I really needed it!

Lisa, thanks for noticing all the cool new stuff. I just couldn't take the dull depressing brown anymore. I can't take credit for anything, it was a premade design provided via BLOGGER, but hey, why not?

Pretty much my part was going through the junk, grabbing some new things, alphabetising, catagorizing and adding "clever" new titles. (over and over and over)

I need chocolate and it's only 8:15.

chronicler said...

See there's the stuff I love about you. Your titling. I was never very clever. I got the cynic gene from g-ma and I can be snarky to a t, but clever, witty? I think not. Hey but I do know what's funny!

s'mee said...

'still too tired I think. I read "tilt-ing" duh! And actually, since I saw on Heather's blog that she has "Conversationalists" and lists those she blogs on Conversation with - I had to come up with something. It has been in the back of my mind for a very looong time. (if you're watching... thanks Heather)

Again, thanks for all the help. : )

Heather P. said...

ha, you know what's funny, I got my idea from Lisa - she gave each of us a title in the form (someone) the (something) and I love, love that. Again, nice work, great blog. (didn't see these comments earlier.)