Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Indian Jones and the Rainstorm of Doom

Not a very clear picture (new camera, still trying to figure out how this one works), but trust me when I say it RAINED yesterday at Disneyland... the wettest place on earth. O.k. a bit exaggerated, but it was raining like crazy.

One thunder clap and anyone not inside was immediately drenched in huge rain drops that went on for hours! We happened to be in the line for Dumbo when it first started. After five minutes we were completely soaked through to the skin, making sweatshirts into 10 lb. water containing devices. Riding on Dumbo was intense. Not because of the height for little ones, or the slippery seats, but because we were pelted as were flew through the air! It was crazy!

Most people would have had the sense to come in from the rain, but when you pay that entry fee - you stay and hope for the best. The down pour was applauded by thunder and then the lightning began to come. My daughter in law and I were the last ones on the Thunder Mountain Railroad before they shut it down. We didn't know this until we got back from the ride. The signs on the entrance: "Big Thunder Mountain Railway is closed due to dangerous weather conditions."

Tom Sawyer's Island, Tea cups, Monorail, Bobsleds, most of Toon Town, Jungle Cruise, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan (of course you do fly into the clouds on that one), Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, The Casey Jr. Train, and that horrid Whale were all shut down due to rain and "dangerous weather". I was disappointed that the Haunted Mansion was down due to decorating... I was too early, dang.

The grand baby fell asleep so mommy and daddy went on Indian Jones. I headed inside to try and dry off. The one rain slicker we had was draped over the stroller in an attempt to keep the boy from drowning. I thought, "To heck with all this!" and I whipped out the credit card and bought slickers for everyone and a couple of umbrellas. Mommy and daddy came off their ride and we headed for new territory. Baby woke up about 2:30 and we went for lunch. The rain stopped about 3:30, and so all the weather gear was no longer needed. Figures. Real money could have been made in dryers!

We took pictures with many characters, they stayed as most of humanity left. Baby's favorite was "Winnie the Poop". The Buzz Lightyear ride was rode/played? several times - a walk through; and Mommy and Daddy got to ride the new Space Mountain. SPOILER: It doesn't have any drops anymore, just (cue echo effects) one big huge freaking spiral in space!

We had a pretty good time anyway. I got home about 11:00, still wet in places and damp in most. My feet are still cold this morning! I can't wait to go back in a few weeks to see what Jack Skelington has done!

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