Thursday, September 29, 2005

Carlton's log: day 2 in Vegas

O.k. So today I dropped Thor off at his meeting and headed out to meet my sister in law and see their new digs. Brother in law is a FBI Agent (yeah, so don't mess with S'mee), but outta town on TOP SECRET stuff. Well maybe not top secret, but it sounds better.

She gave me directions and I headed out, and out some more and then took a left and a right and drove for about 30 or so minutes (at 80mph thanks you very much) and finally got to where they live. I had NO IDEA Las Vegas was like a zillion square miles. They actually live in a little part of "Vegas" that looks like normal home town neighborhoods. Lawns and curbs and normal traffic, no signs, no neon, weird Vegas. Nice Vegas, who knew? (evidently the FBI knew... but then again, they know everything.)

We had a great chat while her first kid was at school, second sat under a table (for 2 hours) and the baby sat in my lap grinning at this crazy "new" lady. We discussed the usual stuff, paint, grass, what to do with the dog doo while her hubby is out of town. It was cool. Normally when I meet with this s-i-l it is a family event and there are about 35 other people there and you never really get an opportunity to sit uninterrupted for 2 and 3 hours with just one person.

Thor and I met with a co-worker and had dinner at P.F.Chang's and a nice conversation also. The main topic was the co-workers new washer and dryer, and how now everyone wishes they had one just like it...although I can't see Thor and I ever paying close to $3,500.00 to wash and dry clothes, however efficient. He had a pretty good time telling us all the gory details and yeah, I wish I could pull jeans out of the washer almost dry, grr, but well why buy a dryer then?

Phone calls to all the kids and a quiet night watching Thor's "Smallville".

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chronicler said...

Smallville was interesting. Hmmmm. Has Clark lost his powers forever?????? I'll be waiting until next week to watch him go back to the snowzone.

Glad you could visit with s-i-l. ;-)

Lisa M. said...

Hey girl, I have been out of the loop for a day or two!

VEGAS. Wish I would have known, I would have come down and joined you. I would think that the two of us, could really light the town up.


I grew up in Vegas, did you know that? We never ever went "downtown" unless we had some company visiting that wanted to see the "sights" or every once and a while to eat.

For my tenth birthday, we went to Caesars Palace to see Donny and Marie Osmond. I am sad to say, that was a HUGE event for me.

There are so many things to the city, that don't include the uck of downtown.

The temple is so beautiful.

I have thought about Vegas, the flashing lights, the bright colours, the grandure. It doesn't even compair to the soft, bright, illumination of the serene temple, glowing peace that sits up on the hill on the opposite side of the valley. Beckoning in the distance offering something so opposite of the "strip"

I hope you can find something to occupy your time, and that you enjoy your time away.

Keep us posted on your adventures!

s'mee said...

I was otherwise occupied during Smallville, but I have a feeling that Clark will indeed regain all his powers and then some, call me psychic but the boy has yet to even go to Metropolis and work at the daily planet. hahah Thor hates it when I mock, but there you go.

Lisa, I am headed back to Vegas again next week. This time I will also have a sis-in-law in tow and her daughter. We will head out for some more family visits and hopefully find some other things to do. The temple is on the agenda again, so that's always good.

If you can make it down, well hey, gimmie a call! (write s'mee mail and we can exchange numbers) I am free all day until about 5 and then it's business dinners and such with Thor, but before that...wahoo!

Last time we were at the Paris our room had a "temple" view and it was awesome to see it at night instead of the other options. Cross your fingers for us!

Anonymous said...

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