Saturday, September 24, 2005

He's Hot!

fire fighter
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As of September 18 our #1 is an official Fire Fighter! He has gone through the riggers and tests and has earned the right to remove the green "rookie" tape he had to wear on his helmet during probation.

His Captain and crew at the "Big House" threw him a terrific surprise party, complete with amazing barbecue and a tour of the fire house. Just before we were to sit down and enjoy dinner the call rang out and #1 and his crew were in the engine and off to a traffic collision. The Cap' invited his wife along for the ride and to see her hubby in action, which was pretty cool. The rest of us stayed behind and soon we were all digging into fabulous fire house food!

The evening culminated with the removal of the green tape, a small speech and presentation of a plaque, and the "top honour"- the handing over of a remote for the t.v. and being allowed to actually sit in the t.v. room. It didn't last long and they were off to another call.

Here's to the new guy in the Big House! Congratulations, we sure are proud of you!

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chronicler said...

I'll second that title! Tell hin we're v ery proud of his hard work and determination! What a guy! But then again, he was born of goodly...