Monday, September 26, 2005

"Fred's Dead, Baby"

"Fred's Dead, Baby"
Originally uploaded by S'mee.

In the "spirit" of Halloween, I spent the afternoon in quiet solitude and carved up some fun! The undertaking? Tombstones!

This is the first of the new tombstones for this year. This one is 24" wide by 16" high and is made from 1" thick foam board insulation that comes in a variety of sizes. I chose the 4'x8' sheets. About $12.00 out the door and into the minivan.

tombstone tutorial
Originally uploaded by S'mee.

If you are like S'mee, you will need to have the guys on the floor cut it into 2 pieces for you (so it can fit in your vehicle). As you can see in the photo, there are indeed "lines" that one could follow -if they wished to do so- the guys I was working with at the time were less than cooperative and decided to "freehand" it on the totally white side without marks and guidelines. UGH! and GRRR!

Make sure you stress the first cut along the lines, otherwise, like S'mee, you will lose one inch, or more, when they cut it diagonally. again UGH!

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Paige Keiser said...

Wow! That's really cool! Nice work.

s'mee said...

Thanks Paige! (' don't know why, but have always liked that name, makes me happy just to say it!)

I need to find out just a few more (Blogger) things and I will set a link to tombstone tutorials. Coming soon to a blog near you!

s'mee said...

duh, to add to that last comment:
those not wanting to wait for a tutorial may click on the photo, which will take you to my flicker account.

There you will find all the sequencial shots with VERY limited "how to"s.

s'mee said...

chronicler reminds s'mee that if you go to the flickr account, make sure to click on the picture to enlarge it so that you can see the details better... thanks :>

Lolly said...

OH MY GOSH is that cute! I am so making these! Thought I'd check out your blog too!

s'mee said...

thanks Lolly! I am stuck in dorky Las Vegas until next wednesday...UGH! and the internet at this hotel stinks BIGTIME so posts may be funky until then, but the flickr photos give a bit of info. if you have any questions ask here in the comments and i'll try to get back to you soon. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

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