Friday, November 14, 2008

On my way... San Antonio.

I'm making a stop in Austin for a day to see my sis and then get the scoop on all the "must see"/"must do" while I'm there. I'm pretty excited to load up the camera! See you soon!

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Robyn said...

Don't forget the obvious, um, I mean The Alamo! And then for some reason the song "I'm an old cowhand..." song keeps coming to mind. I wish I could have hitched a ride!

Alison Wonderland said...

Have fun!

S'mee said...

OMH! Robyn! It's exactly like home, meaning the stinking weather here is cold and WINDY! WINDY like last night we were out walking and came back to the hotel because we were tired of getting hit by debris! Small rocks, sticks, I think there was a kitten in there! Yikes! Alamo today for S'mee, poor Thor begins his pilgrimage to the bowels of the conference rooms!

Thanks Alison! Off to find some history!