Monday, November 24, 2008

Carlton's Log: Mi Tierra Cafe

"We Never Close" is their slogan, so I am at a loss to understand when they manage to dress the place up. Holy Guacamole! This place was jumpin'! It's obviously the place to be if you want a good south of the border meal, tons of eye candy, and tons of shops to wander through just steps away.

The place was as crowded as I have ever seen any eatery, and we got there about 5 in the evening. As the night progressed so did the crowds, but even at 7 we only had to wait about ten minutes for a table.

The place was covered, literally with all manner of glitteratti and twinkle lights. After exploring as much of the restaurant as I could, an older worker informed me that the place was done up in anticipation of Christmas. O.k. but how do you explain all the other permanent decor?

The Madonna and chandeliers in the bathroom? The band instruments everywhere? The murals that have taken over two main dining areas with famous and important people in Latin history? The giant swordfish over the bar? This place is electric with energy, and I presume, not just during the holiday season.

Perhaps in Mi Tierra there's always a holiday to celebrate. I noticed the old signage paint on the interior walls that seem to be a reminder that perhaps where the bakery/entrance lobby of the restaurant used to be an exterior. I don't know. There were life sized and over life sized paintings every where of friends and again, famous Latins who demand you take notice. Oh and the one of Bill Clinton jogging in a Mi Tierra tee shirt (available at the counter for a small fee!) Out side on the mercado side there was a rather large Dios de los Muertos shrine set up to pay tribute to the owners family, which I might add, was awesome!

Seriously, this is the kind of place you will want to come back to just to see what they have done to it since you have been gone.

John Dingle (real name) was our extremely friendly waiter, chatted us up a bit about the local marathon and other trivial happenings, but all the staff on hand were informative, friendly and assisting when I asked questions and took photos. I actually got to take a few photos of other patrons in the restaurant. I'm not sure if they thought I was on staff or just a crazy lady walking around taking pictures, but it was kind of fun to go from one table to the other taking strangers photos!

So there you go. Mi Tierra - We Never Close - so 365 24/7 you can go and feel the fiesta they provide, sit and watch the people, glance upwards and feast on eye candy, or just wait three minutes for the Mariachis to perform in front of you.

Oh, and the food was great!

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Robyn said...

Wow. What did you have to eat? I love the murals.

S'mee said...

This place was crazy insane,my eyes were fed more than anything else! Cathi and I shared flautas and chulupas!

The Pea said...

If only I could travel with you.. how fun would it be?? You find the coolest places ever. Never cease to amaze!!!

S'mee said...

Pea I would never have found this place without Cathi. I think that's the trick when you go places. Avoid the tourist stops and find a local and ask them what they would take their family to see. I was glad I had her there.

Lisa said...

Oh it looks beautiful. I love it. Oh thank you for taking us along!

S'mee said...

Any time Lisa!

Huckleberry said...

All I can think of right now is what a fire prevention inspection nightmare. Other than that looks really cool

S'mee said...

You made me laugh out loud, cause yeah, poof then kaBOOM! What makes this worse? They only had two exits, and those exits were always congested because of the popularity of the place...and one opened up to a Mercado ally way which was also decorated overhead with streamers et al down the entire block. I have to admit I hadn't even thought about the fire hazard. But then again this is Texas, and I bet they haven't either!