Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carlton's Log: Freezing Ducks

Oh my heck it's cold in San Antonio! The week end gave us high winds (read HIGH FREAKING WINDS! Go outside and get pelted with small rocks, sticks, leaves, and anything not bolted down WIND!) and (seriously) freezing temperatures. 30 degrees! O.k. technically 2 degrees above freezing, but heck!

Poor little ducks had to cuddle and burrow their heads in their own feathers to stay warm. I'm hoping the week turns warm!

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Kathy P said...

I don't think COLD when I think about TEXAS... I guess I better adjust my view point.

S'mee said...

You got that right Kathy! I was a bit amazed!

Robyn said...

Still it's Texas!

S'mee said...

yes, yes it is.