Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fabulous Thanksgiving links!

A great friend of mine sent this to me and also has it up on his blog. A SUPER EASY way to help folks get clean water and post your favourite photo while expressing what you're thankful for! Fast, totally free and an east way to help people out...GO!

Thankful Photos Support Clean Water! Via Willisays

Also two fabulous posts by a great teacher Shebang. She has a few blogs and these two posts on two different blogs are well worth the read.

The Journal of a Black Mormon Girl
scroll down to the "Happy Thanksgiving!" post...really awesome.

When you're done with that, click on over to her other blog Introducing... and read her post "Much to be Thankful For". I am sure the time you spend reading her words will be well worth it.

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Alison Wonderland said...

Thanks for the link I stumbled across her blog once but I couldn't find it again.

Happy Thanksgving!

Robyn said...

Great links!

S'mee said...

Alison you're welcome! If you lose it again, she's in the blogroll on the left! : )

Thanks Robyn!

Boy Mom said...

Aww, what a sweet bloggy friend you are.

Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

S'mee said...

Right back atcha Boy Mom! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have enough turkey with all those men-little and big! ; )