Sunday, November 16, 2008

Carlton's Log: We've Landed!

What a flight! (Actually the flight wasn't too bad at all.) My first impression of Texas is that it's flat! I mean really really flat. Where are the mountains? I am always amazed when we leave California and head for the mid west/east and there are hills, but when you look at the horizon -for as far as you can see- zip, nuttin'!

It is pretty, lots of streams, rivers and trees! One lonely cactus at the airport that Sis informs us is the obligatory cactus placed there for the tourists, but probably the only one in Texas.

The evening was spent touring Austin, taking in the University stadium, the Capital, and stopping of for burgers at Mighty Fine (sorry In-N-Out, they have you beat!) and then over to Amy's for ice cream! I drive through downtown and then back to the rolling hills and lake to sit and visit until three thirty in the morning!

We took in the Oasis with all its' sculptures and rocky architecture before heading over to Rudy's for lunch. I have to tell you, I have never had a meal like this before, never. The food was really good, smokey brisket, ribs, prime rib, unbelievable creamed corn, and roasted new potatoes...served up on butcher paper. Yup, each guest is given a large piece of butcher paper to put on top of the community picnic table. No plates, just paper. The "wet" food is served in little tubs, and the meat is served wrapped up in more butcher paper. You grab some flatware and dig in! Corn, potatoes, and meat all set on the paper! Oh and a stack (yes, a stack!) of white bread. We ate it all up with good conversation and directions to San Antonio.

On the way to San Antonio we were almost in one accident, seriously, the Land Rover four cars in front of us hit the K-rail, bounced off and went into the middle lane taking out another small truck, denting the driver's door! The sad thing is that as we slowly began to drive again, we let the Land Rover cross over the lanes to the side of the road where the other truck was waiting to exchange info. When the Land Rover saw the driver get out of the truck and begin to walk to the back of the truck the Land Rover just got back on the freeway and drove away! WHAT? Oh my heck.

Then two more times before we got to San Antonio we passed more accidents! The night before we had a truck look right at my sis as she was driving down the street - an he pulled right out of his lot, crossed in front of us as she slammed on the brakes and then honked at her! Um, Texas folks: Ya'all drive like nut cases!

Safely in Sn Antonio, Thor and I took in the hotel, got our orientation, and then headed out for a walk along the river. The winds had kicked up in by the time we got outside...really up! We were taking in the River Walk and kept getting pelted by small debris, pebbles, twigs, and small children, that we decided to head back in and call it a day.

Our room is nice, a good view of the air conditioning unit from the hotel across the street and the power station for our hotel. This is the view we usually get so we had to just laugh about it! Although if your look directly out you can see out across the heart of the city. We are supposed to have a view of the Alamo, but so far I can't pick it out. From what I have read and heard it is small, but I doubt it has a mirrored glass facade or a huge lighted sign, so I'm just not seeing it. That should come later today.

Any who, there you go: San Antonio so far!

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It sounds like Texas all right. Have a great time!

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