Monday, November 24, 2008

Carlton's Log: Meeting the Artist

Can not believe my luck! I went back to Mi Tierra today to look around and on my way out I met a woman in the foyer/shrine. We had a great conversation about the artwork and design that goes on in this place. Turns out she was head designer ( I later found out she is the owner's daughter!) and how much she does to make sure the whole place is fresh and new each time people visit. I can tell she is full of enthusiasm and passion for the things she does in her job.

The place we were standing she called "The first Shrine, the shrine of the entrance." She said it was very important for the owners to keep the heritage they came from and to share it with others and inspire their costumers. She was on her way into the restaurant when I was walking out. Her arms full of bags filled with "secret" decorations that would be going up in the wee hours of the night when they -depending on the availability of the room and amount of diners- could get in and "close" just one room at a time. She said it usually goes on about 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning!

Then a gentleman came up and said hello to us, and come to find out "Robert" is the resident muralist and portrait artist! He too was passionate about his work and the way the whole restaurant begs you to stay, ponder and find new things to look at each time you come by.

I really appreciated their time and conversation, the way they stopped to talk with me, the things they explained and especially the way they were so very proud of the work they do and the feeling of their work for others. It truly was important for them to keep the "mission of heritage and culture alive for [their] customers." Seems to me, everyone I talked with really enjoyed working there and had a sense of fun, family, and pride in the whole experience.

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Robyn said...

We should go have lunch some time! ;-)

S'mee said...

Sure, you buy the tickets, I'll buy the meal! Oh, you meant here! haha! o.k.! Anytime!

Lisa said...

OH wow. goodness! I wanna come!

Alison Wonderland said...

I want to go there right now! So so cool!

S'mee said...

Lisa and Alison, you bet! Let's all go!