Monday, May 23, 2005

A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation

Last week before #5's concert, her dad convinced her that she needed to attend her senior prom. So on Monday we went in search of all things required to ready an 18 year old to have a good time at a schmancy event center in L.A. on Saturday.

Dress was purchased, altered, hemmed and dry cleaned. Flowers purchased for the date. Shoes were had, and also new "unders" of all kinds! Hair was cut and restyled, make up was applied and photos were taken.

We are happy to report the night was "fun". The traffic to the event went quicker than expected so the school kids arrived in L.A. too early. They were allowed to go into the building but had to stay in a specific area until the room was readied. They were on the top floor with a terrific view. #5 said they had a "really good" sit down dinner complete with chocolate strawberries and brownies for dessert. The music started and that was a tad disappointing for her date and she (she's a picky one), so they walked around the room seeing the city from up high and danced when they slow ones came on or it was a song with "decent lyrics". They watched two friends, a brother and sister, "tear it up" on the dance floor off in the corner of the room. "They are amazing!" according to #5. They also enjoyed watching the chaperons "watch us, it was like a spy movie." Her favorite teacher told her she looked "very nice", so she was happy. All in all it was worth the running around to get ready.

I am waiting anxiously for pictures to come home. Part of last week's situations required me to leave and go out of state to a wedding. More on that in a different post. Thor baby sat the grandbaby and taught him the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to mommy's surprise; and that when the sun goes "bye bye" it goes to "China". Trains squish pennies and "run fast", and you have to eat two nuggets before you get fries. There were also lessons on how many sodas one can have when with grampa and just how far you can throw a rock when you are two.

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