Monday, May 16, 2005

Artists' Wing!

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I have to tell you there is really little to compare to the feeling you get when you see your child entering the "Artists'" entrance to a concert hall. Especially with out police being summoned afterward! (Don't ask)

Yup! There she is! My #5. She has been greatly greatly blessed and she has worked at developing what Heavenly Father has given her. Yesterday was one of the huge moments that will be in her life. She was pretty happy (stoked as they used to say) and about two feet off the ground. We did the whole Kodak moment thing out in front. I had her pose just about every way I could without attracting a crowd. (um, well enough of a crowd to, again, include law enforcement.) I am a mom. A huge fat crazy enormously proud mom. She has worked so hard for this and it was paying off!

Last night was terrific. She had several solos and when the set was over applause broke out and the conductor turned and bowed. He left the stage and the applause continued. He reenters and points to my #5 and gestures for her to stand. (AUGH!!!!) At that point, she rises and the crowd increased the volume of applause and whoops, I was crazy inside! My little girl was getting her ovation and the crowd was recognizing her good performance. It was so great! The rest of the night went very well and they had a standing ovation at the end of the performance. An encore was had and I think by the sounds of the gallery crowd, they wanted one more encore. The conductor had the orchestra rise on five different occasions at the end and finally he called it a night and went back stage. I think he was as proud of them as any mom in the audience. Whoo -hoo!

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