Wednesday, May 25, 2005

computer junk 101 (better make that remedial comp. junk 78 - funky, but it has a nice beat and it's easy to dance to)

Dear Readers,
The following is an exercise in the ridiculous. Allow me to explain. About a week ago Peggy, from "Speak Up For Truth" sent me a "meme". (Hearing an operatic warm up right about now...) Evidently she got it from a friend who sent it to her. This is some kind of e-chair letter for all I can figure out. Peggy seems to be a nice gal, so I thought, "What the hey!" and thought I would try to send it along. This presented a few challenges for the rider of the "e" equivalent of the little bus.

#1. Who is Meme and why does she flit from one place to another and how exactly does she travel????
#2. Meme speaks techno-crat and is asking me about files and other hard questions like, what kind of music do I listen to. C'MON MEME! I AM NOT A SCIENTIST FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!
#3. Meme thinks I have readers and friends here on planet "E". Get real Meme, I just moved here and I haven't met the neighbors yet!

So, being the brilliant learner that I am, I contacted Chronicler over at "Food Chronicles". She is in the dictionary under "Queen of Patience" (although in this case Queen of Patients would work just as well). I hit her up every time I need to figure out how to do the really complicated techno moves, like cut and paste...

She informed me politely that I needed to get to the sending part of Meme (like yesterday) and so do this and then that and then stand under the Blue Moon after eating a jalepeno while holding a lightning rod and then press click. EASY enough. I try. I try again. Then the words everyone loves... "You've Got Mail!" Inside my mailbox is the copy of Meme. (Trust me, she ain't that good looking.) Along with instructions on how to get her into the bus, on the train, essentially, run Meme back to France from whence she came.

Copy. Copy. Copy. (accordion music is playing and I am envisioning the beheading of Marie Antoinette) A phone call is made. Yada, yada, yada, (muffled sounds of laughter in the background) hum-dee-doo, and I try again. Success! I have cut, copied and pasted Meme and sent her over to Chronicler and others! (cue the MLK speech, Free at last! Free at last!)

I get on the computer this morning. "You've Got Mail!" According to Chronicler, Meme was sent to the wrong port and is now being accosted by the Feds on the dock. I ring up Chronicler. Instead of "hello" I hear the roar of laughter on the other end. Fine. I know when I am licked. I know when I am in over my head. I know when I am being mocked!

Chronicler, once again, runs through the drill. She also explains that Meme is indeed French. French for "same" and presumes that someone decided to use this term when sending the same message to many people. (This is why S'mee took ASL instead of French) That and "it's pronounce mem -like men only with another m" -at least she left off the obligatory "idiot!". I gotta love that gal.

So here we are. "Paulie sent it to Peggy who sent it to S'mee" and now I am sending it out there to a bunch of folks and let's see what happens. (If you hear a big -KaBoOm!- it wasn't me. or Meme)

and I quote the following...
"Because Paulie Asked Paulie of The Commons at Paulie World (S'mee says, "Blame him!" stupid Paulie!) tagged me (this would be Peggy) to answer the following questions: (and then it's my turn...)

Total volume of music files on my computer:Would that be the manila ones of Thor's or my Primary folder? Both are stacked and balanced precariously on the printer. What- that doesn't count? Right, like after the above explanation about Meme you want me to do math? Computer math and count files??? What is this? This is just mean now!

The last CD I bought: My #5's CYMO 2005 Season.

Song playing now: nothing, the house is quiet except for someone singing in the shower.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
1. Oh Divine Redeemer, especially when sung by Constance Jensen
2. I Stand All Amazed
3. The Twelveth of Never, Johnny Mathis
4. You Are So Beautiful, Joe Cocker
5. My Old Addiction, k.d. lang

(but like Peggy says, this is a very hard question, too many choices, and next week this list may change)

YES. I admit to being a total geek music wise. Trust me, I do have some cool music somewhere, but you asked for favorites.

and 6. (see I told you and it's only been a few hours...) There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today - which I have instructed members of my family to sing at my funeral.

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton: (With my most humble apologies!)
Food Chronicles because she has been very helpful, that and between she and the "big guy" they are an encyclopedia of music and artists, and obviously the whole gigabite filegumbo computerwhizardry stuff doesn't throw her a bit.
The Golden Road to Samarqand 'cause she is like the coolest person on the planet and will most likely have songs none of us have ever heard.
Kathy, Kathy, and yet another Kathy
--Chronicler called again, said I can't just send this to an e-mail, 'needs to be a with that in mind...)
Mo'Boy Blog hey this guy KNOWS music
Lisa'a Ramblings because she seems nice and won't be mean to me for sending it to her.
Mother of All because she is a poet and will probably come up with something clever.

Tag, you're it! go do it.

can i stop now?

add to sk*rt

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