Thursday, May 12, 2005

so much for the "Season Finale"...

O.k. For those of you who don't read the comments section in the posts:

The gals switched personalities and I have changed my vote! The gal from the mid-west totally blew her assignment in so many ways it was ridiculous and was condescending on top of it. It was hard to watch her.

The other gal, who before this assignment, I just couldn't take one more minute of -turned out to be a great boss and praised every team member and was able to turn her team around and impress the sponsors for whom she worked. She, for the first time, was genuine. I didn't feel that hidden agenda she put forth all the previous shows. She was too busy working to try and "work" the camera and impress the viewers. So good job for her. She would get my vote.

The main point for me was the way they both handled team members who they despised. The first gal just kept calling them names and belittling them. The second gal honestly tried to motivate them and turn them into productive players, she respected them for being there even when they had no stake in the venture anymore. The first gal didn't understand that, she showed no respect for those whom she had authority over.

Workers need to be clear on their job, praised for their efforts and above all respected for being willing to do the job.

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