Saturday, May 07, 2005

His name was Mike.

He had been highly educated at one time, "with several degrees from a university"; and in the mid-70's fell into drug abuse. He lost his family and career.

The local diner owner said she would feed him when ever he came in, although she would not serve the others who came in for hand outs. "Mike was different. He felt he liked this lifestyle. He needed to be alone. He was safe and a nice old man."

The grocery clerk said "he was a regular and the nicest man. He would never have hurt anyone."

Another homeless man named, Louie, said, "He was my friend. He was everyone's friend. Just last week he gave me his last dollar. He did that a lot for us guys." Louie also said, "last week some guys tried to take his check, there was a scuffle, but they didn't get it. He gave it to us."

The police report said, "he was asleep when he was attacked and didn't have much opportunity to save himself. He died just outside the children's church, curled up in a fetal position."

Mike. Perhaps he didn't know it last week, but he had friends.

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