Monday, May 02, 2005

Carlton's Log: Day Two, explore!

After the initial drive around town I made mental notes of where I wanted to explore while Thor was in meetings all day. I set out for State Street. Famous for it's promenade, but also for it's gorgeous and magnificent buildings.

Trinity Episcopal Chapel
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One of my immediate favorites is Trinity Episcopal Church. This wonderful specimen of Gothic style architecture is a treat for the eyes. I could spend hours just looking at each hand hewn brick with their thousand colours of sand. The linear structure is fascinating as several stacked blocks are equivalent to one, each row of bricks being equal in height. The carved details in the stone arched windows and entries were perfect. To imagine the hands and minds that built this structure makes one feel like they are in the presence of genius. This is not modern technology, this is old world craftsmanship. The serenity of the whole property was peace inducing. The bells in the tower rang on the half hour, calling the worshipers into the sanctuary. On this warm spring morning, it was a great place to sit and sketch in my diary.

Trinity Episcopal Maze
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In the garden to the side of the chapel is a terrific maze patio. As I sat and sketched the window details, a young woman parked her car, got out and purposely and quietly made her way around and around to the center of the maze. It took her about ten minutes. As she was leaving she came over, looked at my sketches and struck up conversation. It seems she has attended the university here for the past four years. Any time she had questions about life she would walk the maze and meditation on her answers. Graduation is soon and today she was contemplating a job offer and move to Louisiana. Far away from family, friends and security. It seems the maze has always helped her feel closer to the One who will always give her an answer and be there when family and friends are so far away.

Stained Glass
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Walk to a door way and you are greeted with enormous wood doors with strong iron hinges. The doors are open and welcome you to enter. Inside the sanctuary the room is divided into three with two aisles leading to the front pulpit. All four sides of the room have large stained glass windows which glitter in the sunlight streaming through them. They tell the life of Christ in glorious colour and detailed images. The picture of the window here depicts the birth of Christ. Jesus in Mary's arms, surrounded by worshiping shepherds. The windows are tall enough to extend to the top of the second floor gallery and beyond. They are glorious and inspiring. The aisles are supported and divided by tall gothic pillars, carved with more detailed scroll work and high arches that build in layers to a point. There are trefoils everywhere, I am sure to signify the Holy Trinity.

Jesuit Fathers
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Down one block and over one block stands the fantastic edifice of Jesuit Fathers with it's Cake and Icing details that make this one delicious building to look at! Bright white with contrasting sand coloured amazing scroll work and carved pillars, this is another example of artisans glorifying God. This corner facing church is across from a city park but has so many flowers, shrubs and palm trees to practically qualify as a park itself. The greenery shades and gives a coolness to this hot in the sun white structure. Gardens on both sides invite parishioners and passers by to sit and reflect on it's benches and low walled flower beds.

Detail of Door Pillars
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The picture here shows some of the minute details in this gorgeous door frame. All the doors in this church are surrounded by these arched carved beauties. I can't imagine the time and skill involved in hand crafting these! Wow, absolutely magnificent!

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