Monday, May 02, 2005

New Blog News! Get in on the Conversation!

I have been invited to join a blog group of intelligent women (hey every village needs it's -well you know). Conversation is comprised of several LDS women who will gather together and have a conversation about different topics (new ones each Monday and Thursday) both LDS related and otherwise. Today's opening topic is Life Long Learning.

I invite all of you readers to go over and get in on the conversation! It should be great getting to know these women and learn a few things from them, and perhaps teach us a few things also. There are various ages, backgrounds, careers, interests and should prove to be an interesting mix. We have travelers, artists, foodies, and even a poet! Moms and grammas, wives and single gals. Highly educated to the gals who walked the road less taken. Perspective is our forte!

Grab a chair and bring something to the table. Comments are not only welcome but encouraged! See you there!

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