Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Scouting the New Player - or - The GIRLS of Summer

I am pleased to say that after watching me paint the baby's room, Dani was pleased, a bit "amazed" (as Chronicler says), but is willing to give the big boy room a try with me. This is making me very happy!

I will journal the happenings as we go through this process. It will prove that even a gal who "KNOWS [she] doesn't have any artistic talent" can indeed produce something worthy with a little help at first, and eventually fire the artist. YEAH!

Step one: Brain-storming. Dani is great. After walking into the room she began to 'see' what she wanted. "The bed as first base. Then on the wall above it the diamond with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Would that look o.k.?" "I think it will be marvelous." "Then, maybe, can we make a border along the ceiling with the people in the grandstands?" "I think that's very cool." "They can be looking at the game, right? Is that weird? I don't know..."

HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! Can you see how she has a great idea and then, because she remembers the "artist" is in the room, ("UGH! I have no talent") negativity has begun to take over her thoughts. She's beginning to doubt all those good ideas. So I need to step in fast.

"Dani, you've got a terrific idea and I think he and grampa are going to love it!" "You think?...MOM! Mom, C'mere... " Dani re-tells her ideas to get approval from a second source. That's good! Mom will love these ideas too. And she does. So now there are 3 of us and the basic design has been born. There were additions to the plan. Faces in the the crowd will be varied but basic circles with faces and hair and different races. Some will hold banners, popcorn, sodas. One will be catching a ball, one taking pictures, some high fives and folks doing the wave. Across the room on the wall he will see from his bed at night fans will be holding placards that spell out "Y O U R O C K !" with his name.

After explaining that this project, although time consuming and mostly on ladders (what is it with me and the ladder work?), will consist of geometric art. A diamond. Circular faces. Base lines. ANYONE can do this. Dani is beginning to feel confident and she actually tells me in kind of a "remember now" voice that she will be helping me with this project. So I am excited!

This will be an ongoing post so look for updates next week or maybe even earlier. I think this will be fun.

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