Thursday, April 14, 2005

No Place Like Home!

Ugh! Lousy night sleep for both hubby and I. He dreamed that we were out in the desert and the guy at a hotel wouldn't let us check in because my husband was wanted by the police. (Evidently all those nights in Mexico are catching up with him.) S'mee? I had a dream where (miraculously) we paid off our current mortgage and hubby surprised me with a second home that had also been paid off.

The issue here was the 2nd home was an old school mobile home. In a "park". The mobile home was larger than the home we have now (not too hard to do), but it smelled like old people. Not like a convalescent home, but like old people perfume, and smoke, and broccoli, and heavy wet stale air. The interior was dark (due to the "deluxe" curtains with block out lining!) and filled with all kinds of "walnut paneling" and multi-coloured brown shag carpet. The house came furnished with over sized colonial furniture; sofa and love seat covered in "velvet" that had brown and gold scenes of mansions and oak trees - breath taking to say the least. That and the land lord was this skinny over tanned bimbette with a bright yellow fluffy bathing suit (-yikes!) anyway it was disgusting to see it poking out of her "trendy" clothes. (envision the 50's version of Bridgette Bardot, BIG hair, in a fluffy yellow bikini, baked in an oven for the last 40 years) She was very helpful as she kept reminding us that she "needed the $250 for that month's space rental. Meet me at the club house, by the pool." ("you forgot to fill out the paper work!")

I woke up wanting to rip out our carpeting, too late, that's already been done. So essentially, the dream was so real that I am just weirded out by this 'move' that isn't real. And Bridgette...uggh!

What did I watch last night?

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