Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Awe, the smell of cremated cow in the afternoon!

Speaking of blessings... Thanks to two of my good friends who, a few years back, presented me with new pots and pans. Now some may think this a strange gift, but trust me when I say - Wa Hoo! It's days like today -when I burnt a perfectly good roast to a crackly crunch- that I appreciate the pots more and more.

I had another lovely migraine and had headed for the dark room for relief. I fell asleep and awoke to the scent of burning money. As I pulled the pot from the oven I knew dinner was a loss. The thought of prying charred flesh from the bottom of a pan is, well, there are no words. But pull I did. Because of the pot (yes!) the meat pealed right off and the pot was almost clean enough to just throw in the washer.

So, once again ladies, THANK YOU for the pots and pans!

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