Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The real thing!

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Model homes. These are both a frustrating and fun inducing projects. Frustrating because you have no choice in what goes on the wall, and little input. You get paid to put what the designer thinks will look best and usually there isn't a lot you can do to change her/his mind. Fun because you still get to paint stuff.

The Tuscan Grapes in the photo are slightly larger than life and take up an area in the home's dining room. There are companion paintings throughout the kitchen and dining area and each grape cluster took about an hour to do. That blows most people's minds. "An hour to do that?" Well, no, actually an hour to do just the grapes, the leaves, vines and aging take more time. People also get unsettled when they find out how much I charge. I think I am worth it in cases like these, where, contrary to the cartoon look of Dani's palm trees and monkey, this style is a tad more difficult to achieve. Most of my clients do not have the skills (yet) to achieve this look without a lot of gnashing of teeth. So where's the fun in that?

There's more frustration; the cost. People forget that it is indeed, real art. That and it's original and even if the neighbors call me into their house to do the exact same thing, it won't be. It can't be reproduced exactly. That's why you pay someone like me to paint instead of wallpapering; like tens of thousands of other family homes. Chances are if you were to purchase a framed piece of poster art the same size as my work, it would equal the cost of the painting. Change that for a nice print or reproduction the same size and you have just exceeded my price. Forget about getting an oil or acrylic framed painting for that space and size. Most of us can not afford the "real" thing.

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